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Enjoy our high quality piercing supplies and tools! Danglingnavelrings.com offers you a wide choice of durable and sterile piercing supplies and tools at the lowest prices available. All items from our collection are made of best quality stainless steel. They are autoclavable and scratch resistant. Taking care of your tools you'll prolong their life. Clean the tools before using them and try not to strain or drop the tools. It is proved to be useful to leave the tools submerged in a hot soapy solution before drying them out. With our reliable and durable piercing supplies and tools you'll get almost perfect conditions. Enjoy it!

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Piercing Aftercare Piercing Needles Starter Kits
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25 Sterile Cannula Piercing Needle25 Sterile Cannula Piercing NeedleRetail Price: $29.37
Your Price: $25.99
9-Piece Ear Piercing Starter Kit, Optional Gauge9-Piece Ear Piercing Starter Kit, Optional GaugeRetail Price: $25.98
Your Price: $22.99
7-Piece Eyebrow Piercing Starter Kit, 16 Or 18 Gauge7-Piece Eyebrow Piercing Starter Kit, 16 Or 18 GaugeRetail Price: $29.37
Your Price: $25.99
H2ocean Cleaning And Healing Solution, 1.5 Fl OzH2ocean Cleaning And Healing Solution, 1.5 Fl OzRetail Price: $10.16
Your Price: $8.99
Navel ForcepsNavel ForcepsRetail Price: $13.55
Your Price: $11.99
5 Piercing Sterile Needles5 Piercing Sterile NeedlesRetail Price: $6.77
Your Price: $5.99
Piercing Sterile NeedlePiercing Sterile NeedleRetail Price: $2.81
Your Price: $2.49
Septum Forceps For Nose PiercingSeptum Forceps For Nose PiercingRetail Price: $13.55
Your Price: $11.99
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Septum ForcepsPre-Sterilized Disposable Septum ForcepsRetail Price: $4.52
Your Price: $4.00
Needle Forceps (Needle Holder)Needle Forceps (Needle Holder)Retail Price: $13.55
Your Price: $11.99
Steel Dermal Anchor Insertion ToolSteel Dermal Anchor Insertion ToolRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99
7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter Kit7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter KitRetail Price: $29.37
Your Price: $25.99
Slotted Navel ClampSlotted Navel ClampRetail Price: $13.55
Your Price: $11.99