Large gauge

Enjoy our stylish large gauge piercing jewelry! offers you the hugest selection of high quality and comfortable jewelry for large gauge piercings. Large gauge tunnels and plugs, large gauge tapers and captive bead rings, large gauge curved tapers and tusks are toy our disposal at the lowest prices available! Large gauge jewelry is very popular nowadays and thousands of teenagers and adults choose large gauge piercing for its up-to-date and unique outlook. In our collection you'll find not only plain large gauge jewelry but elegant mother of pearl large gauge tapers, colorful and joyful acrylic large gauge captive bead rings, fine wood and bone large gauge plugs and many other exclusive large gauge piercing jewelry. Make your choice and enjoy it!

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Checkered plug, 2 gaCheckered plug, 2 gaRetail Price: $6.77
Your Price: $5.99
Acrylic balloon plug, 0 gaAcrylic balloon plug, 0 gaRetail Price: $6.77
Your Price: $5.99
Acrylic spiral taper, 4 gaAcrylic spiral taper, 4 gaRetail Price: $7.62
Your Price: $6.74
Single flared marble tunnel, 2 gaSingle flared marble tunnel, 2 gaRetail Price: $6.77
Your Price: $5.99
00 Gauge Steel Hole Expander00 Gauge Steel Hole ExpanderRetail Price: $15.24
Your Price: $13.49
Steel saddle tunnel, 1/2"Steel saddle tunnel, 1/2"Retail Price: $16.94
Your Price: $14.99
Internally threaded barbell, 8gaInternally threaded barbell, 8gaRetail Price: $9.59
Your Price: $8.49
Glitter acrylic saddle plug, 00 gaGlitter acrylic saddle plug, 00 gaRetail Price: $7.62
Your Price: $6.74
2 gauge steel claw2 gauge steel clawRetail Price: $11.85
Your Price: $10.49
Multilayered acrylic plug, 8 gaMultilayered acrylic plug, 8 gaRetail Price: $5.07
Your Price: $4.49
Pair Of Pink UV Acrylic PlugsPair Of Pink UV Acrylic PlugsRetail Price: $4.24
Your Price: $3.75
Gold Tone captive bead, 6 gaGold Tone captive bead, 6 gaRetail Price: $13.55
Your Price: $11.99
Pair Of Clear Pyrex Glass Double Flared Saddle PlugsPair Of Clear Pyrex Glass Double Flared Saddle PlugsRetail Price: $11.85
Your Price: $10.49
Surgical steel tribal spiral taperSurgical steel tribal spiral taperRetail Price: $33.87
Your Price: $29.97