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Welcome to Dangling Navel Rings.com! Here you will find all kinds of rings for navel piercing. The tradition of belly piercing goes far back to ancient times when the ring in the navel was a sign of privileged persons and rulers. Nowadays belly button piercing is very popular and there are a lot of reasons for it. Pierced navel looks very sexy and attracts attention to the waist zone. Wearing different navel rings you can add something to your style and be new every day. There are many kinds of belly button rings and jewelry makers follow fashionable trends and improve the quality of their products to satisfy the customers' needs and to give them a wide choice. Dangling navel rings visually stretches the waist zone and makes a woman look taller. It looks amazing when you are dancing or simply moving. Our collection of dangling navel rings includes such kind of belly button rings which combines modesty and chic and reminds us about the epoch of knights, queens and kings. This is a chandelier navel ring. Like a real chandelier it surrounds us with wonderful glitter.

We offer you top down chandelier rings and chandelier navel rings decorated with sparkling pink, yellow, blue, purple, white and other colorful gems focusing the attention on your glittering navel ring. They are represented in various forms, seizes and materials. As a rule for jewelry production are used such natural gemstones as diamond and man-made gem cubic zirconia (CZ). CZ dangling navel rings are made of all colors of the rainbow. CZ could be perfectly combined with al kinds of jewelry materials- steel, titanium, silver and gold.

We also offer you dangling navel rings with chains decorated with various jeweled hearts and butterflies, balls and flowers, stars and squares, teardrop jewels and many other fine jewelry pieces. Colorful and shining navel rings should be in your collection but sometimes we need something simple but stylish and chic. Therefore on your disposal there is a wide choice of plain navel rings. Plain ring made of titanium, gold or silver will suit almost all kinds of clothes and styles. You can choose between various types of gold dangling navel rings, belly button rings made of sterling silver, gold plated rings, titanium dangling rings and steel dangling belly button rings. We also offer you flexible belly button rings suitable for pregnant bellies, all kinds of screw barbells, piercing starter kits, navel piercing retainers and many other jewelry pieces for your navel piercing.

All jewelry at Dangling Navel Rings.com has passed special tests and all rings satisfy the world standards of jewelry. At our on-line store you'll find a multiple choice of navel jewelry for low prices. We guarantee you the security of your credit card information and safe shipping. Thank you for visiting us. Have a nice time.

Sexy Dangling Navel Rings

Belly button ring with big jeweled heart and danglesBelly button ring with big jeweled heart and danglesRetail Price: $16.94
Your Price: $14.99
Gold Tone Belly Ring with Dangling Bow with HeartGold Tone Belly Ring with Dangling Bow with HeartRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99
Belly button ring with heart and five danglesBelly button ring with heart and five danglesRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99
Belly ring with triple red heart dangleBelly ring with triple red heart dangleRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99
Belly button ring with jeweled flower on dangleBelly button ring with jeweled flower on dangleRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99
Dangling heart belly button ringDangling heart belly button ringRetail Price: $12.42
Your Price: $10.99